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Looks like 2019 will be another huge year for heavy metal concerts. We've had tickets for Metallica's January 26th concert for a while now, Ozzy Osbourne announced a June concert two weeks ago, followed by Iron Maiden in August this past week. I honestly didn't think it could get any better than 2018: Testament, Megadeth, Ministry, and L.A Guns. I may have to refinance the house just to afford tickets :)

I spent the past Saturday in the garage replacing an alternator in the 300. It was a nice rainy quiet day working on the car. Other than nearly destroying my arm and hand when the belt tensioner release tool slipped out of my hand (latex glove covered in engine coolant) and a (really) poor decision to not unplug the battery which arced to the block (nearly zapping the car's computer) when I was pulling it out, the replacement went pretty easy.

This past weekend, I finally had time to apply the clear coat on the body repair for the 300. I ended up having to sand down and re-apply the base coat due to a color issue. I made mistake of opening the garage door all the way and the newly applied base coat ended up fogging (turning white) due to the high humidity. So, I was forced to close everything up and let the garage AC unit dry things out. So now, the repair is mostly done with the exception of wet sanding and polishing. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the repair. We'll have to see how long it holds up.

I got severely side tracked over the past couple of weeks with a room renovation that came out of the blue. The room used to be the computer room/home office until we did the house addition. I've been working off/on the room in my limited spare time and was planning on focusing on it during the winter. What initiated the urgency in the renovation was that we had an upstairs bedroom and due to the nature and age of the house, it required a window air conditioner to keep the summer temperatures in check. Every fall, I pulled the AC unit and store it in the basement and put it back in around spring, all good. So two weeks ago, my wife noticed there was some mildew on the ceiling where the AC unit air was directed. I pulled the unit from the window and quickly discovered that the unit was just saturated in algae, mildew, mold... just NASTY. We bought a new AC unit, but decided to prioritize redoing the spare bedroom. This entailed removing old wall paper, some drywall patching, paint, carpet replaced with laminated flooring, new blinds, ceiling fan, and new vent covers. My wife picked out a lavender wall color with white trim and gray/white flooring. Overall, I think the room looks wonderful and the total cost wasn't that bad. Naturally, this opens the flood gates for the other rooms in the house to be re-done.

Just got back from a short trip to Washington, DC. This was a last minute trip that popped up when my wife's parents were planning on going out there to see a friend of theirs. Since it's been years since either my wife or I had been there and my daughter has never been, it seemed like a great idea for a road trip. It also didn't hurt that the driving duties would be delegated to my wife and I.

Despite heavy rains and continuous flood warnings the entire time, we managed to see the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Museum of American History, Library of Congress, both Korean and Vietnam War Memorials, and the Spy Museum. We also spent the day up in Georgetown so my daughter could get some college swag. Added bonus was that I got to see the Exorcist stairs. We actually stayed in Springfield, Virginia and took the blue line subway into town, which worked out great.

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