A little about me and this site

Well, my name is Paul Boehmer and I currently work as a Systems Administrator for a small ISP in South-East Indiana. I have been working with computers for most of my life, professionally since 1992. I have been working almost exclusively with different flavors of Unix since 1995, ranging from Novell UnixWare (sold then to Santa Cruz Operation, then to Caldera) to FreeBSD to multiple distributions of linux, ie RedHat, Suse, Slackware. My preferred choice is FreeBSD, simply because its easy to maintain and upgrade, not to mention the incredible package tools and ports collection. I still use a Windows box for surfing the net and playing games, heck...I even studied to be an MCSE (Minesweeper Consultant/Solitaire Expert), but thats about it. The main purpose of this site for for me to post news about the occasional projects that I work on, work I am currently doing on the car, maybe a splash of tech news, and the periodic rant.

Thats about it.... enjoy!

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