Paul Boehmer
Cincinnati, OH 45243
paul at pboehmer dot com

Work Experience

SEI Communications, Inc.
Systems Administrator, August 1999 - Present

ISP environment based on FreeBSD Unix. Responsible for configuring and maintaining World Wide Web services and servers for a customer base of 15,000 people.

Wireless Network Engineer, June 2004 - November 2017

While maintaining my Systems Administrator role, I was also responsible for the configuration, installation, integration, and maintenance of a variety of 900mhz, 2.4ghz, 3.65ghz, 5.3ghz, and 5.8ghz wireless networking equipment in a multi-county wide implementation.

Mattec Corp.
Software Install Technician, November 1995 - August 1999

Configured Intel X86 Servers for Production Monitoring Software based on Unixware 2.1, Windows NT, and QNX operating systems. Responsibilities also include in-house MIS Administration, software and firmware production, QA Testing, software installation, and light duty programming.
Kruse Hardware Company
COBOL Programmer, May 1995 - November 1995
Systems Operator, February 1991 - May 1995

Originally hired as warehouse dock worker, was promoted to Systems Operator after six months of employment. Duties as operator include data entry, batch processing, report distribution, and help desk. Promoted to COBOL programmer (without any former training) in May of 1995. Responsible for programming data entry and report generating programs on a Wang VS300 mini in a distribution environment. Also responsible for administrating an IBM AS/400 RS6000 based purchasing system, desktop publishing in a Macintosh environment, and in-house MIS administration (Dos/Win3.1).


Operating Systems
Extensive use of FreeBSD. Broad experience with SYSV forms of UNIX, including Linux and SCO Unixware. Broad experience with various Microsoft legacy operating systems, including DOS, Windows 3.1-XP, and Windows NT4-2003 Server. Experience with AS400, OS2/Warp, Wang VS, and Citrix (3.51 based) operating systems.
Electronic mail administration, security tightening, end-user management, system backup and recovery, performance tuning, HTTP services, as well as troubleshooting and many other administrative duties and functions.

Service administration and monitoring using Nagios, SNMP, Cricket, and RRD. Able to interface multiple systems using combination of SNMP, shell scripting, and MySQL database systems.
Services and Software
Sendmail, Dovecot, Cucipop, Apache, NIS and NFS, SAMBA, Nagios, Open/LibreOffice, Firewalls (ipfw) and NATs, MySQL and Postgres Databases, VNC, VirtualBox, and more.

Strong preference for command line and open source software.
Custom design and builds of high-profile, high-availability web, mail, shell and file servers. Proficient in hardware selection, configuration, installation, networking, and troubleshooting for projects of small to medium scale.

Able to read schematics, build/solder circuits, troubleshoot and perform basic repairs.
Programming Languages
Unix shell scripting (csh/tcsh), COBOL, ANSI C (in Unix environment), SQL, and Microsoft batch file scripting.
Wireless Networking
Configuration and installation of Airspan WipLL radios in the 900mhz and 2.4ghz bands in a point to multipoint implementation. Alvarion BreezeACCESS VL radio systems in the 5.3ghz and 5.8ghz bands in both point to point and point to multipoint implementations. Redline 5.8ghz point to point radio systems. Alvarion BreezeMAX 4G/WiMAX in the 3.65ghz band in a point to multipoint implementation. Helped integrate the above products into billing and monitoring systems using SNMP.
Miscellaneous Skills
Oxy/Acetylene and MIG welding, electrical wiring, automotive work.


ComTrain Certified Tower Climbing Safety and Rescue, Jun 2007
Alvarion Certified Wireless Network Engineer, Mar 2004
Certified to operate forklifts and isle loaders (since 1995)
Airspan Wireless Training, March 2005
MCSE Certification Training, April 1999 - November 1999
TCP/IP Protocol Training, March 1995
Graduated Madeira High School, 1990

Personal Notes

I have a strong passion for problem solving and utilizing tools at hand. In my past work experience, I have done everything from batch file processing to systems integration and automation to designing and constructing antenna mounts to implementing a multi-county wireless network, complete with monitoring system.

I'm not afraid to admit that I don't know everything. When I encounter a problem that I cannot solve, I am able to research and quickly learn solutions to the problem. Most of my working career consists of on the job and/or self training.

My hobbies include working on cars, electronics, and home improvement projects.