Project OS Date Description Status
8mm to DVD N/A 2018.12.28 Converting 8mm film to DVD [DONE]
Chrysler 300 N/A 2009.07.13 Chrysler 300 Projects [IN PROGRESS]
WiMax N/A 2009.03.03 My first WiMax Deployment [DONE]
Media PC KnoppMyth 2006.12.01 I build my own Multimedia PC [DONE]
MAME Cabinet FreeBSD 2004.01.05 I build my own MAME arcade cabinet [DONE]
PicoSeti FreeBSD 2003.11.14 Single Floppy setiathome client [DONE]
Monolith N/A 2002.10.24 Ground-up Case Modding [DONE]

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