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This is my quest to build my very own MAME Arcade Cabinet. If you have never heard of MAME, do everyone a favor and just google for it. What possesses someone to build such a beast? Well in my case, it is the story of the wife who wanted a full size Galaga Arcade game and the husband that scoffed at the $2,999.95 price tag (brand new Pac-Man/Galaga combo). I looked at the numerous other MAME cabinet projects on the web and decided that I could build my own arcade box for under $1,500.00 and as a plus, have the ability to play numerous games. The goal of this project is simple, to have a fully functioning arcade cabinet ready by Christmas of 2004 2005 and to keep the price tag under $1,500.00 . Below is a link to my on-going diary detailing the trials and tribulations of building my MAME cabinet. I also have a running parts list page with a cost detail of the project.


MAME Cabinet DiaryLast updated: 04/23/2005
MAME Parts ListLast updated: 03/27/2019
MAME Cabinet UpdatesLast updated: 03/27/2019


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