Monolith - Ground up Case Mod

This project will be a basic diary of case mods that I am doing to this new case. The victim, err, case is an EYE-2020XB full height (27"H x 9"W x 18"D) server case with 9 5.25" external bays, 1 3.5" external bay, and 1 5.25" internal bay. A generic 300w P4 compatible power supply compliments the package. The picture to the right is a stock marketing picture I yanked from the vendor where I purchased the case. The first case I really modded out was a cousin of the 2020, the EYE-960. The 960 is now the webserver serving this site and a couple of others. I have a page describing the EYE-960 (Vulcan) mods here.

I have done a couple of fan mods on different systems, but nothing on the scope of what I have planned for this box. I will document every modification of this case that I can, hopefully providing insight in addition to the numerous how-to's available on the web.

Current Project Status Snapshots, taken 11/27/2002.


Inspection/PlanningInspect the case and start planning[DONE]
Case Prep/PaintPaint all case components[DONE]
LED Indicator ModChange out LEDs[DONE]
Replace PowerSupplySwap out the stock powersupply[DONE]
Illuminated Power SwitchInstall an illuminated power button[DONE]
Side Window ModInstall window in side panel[DONE]
Motherboard InstallationInstalling the motherboard[DONE]
Stealth WiringWiring the case[DONE]
Backplate CoverCustom Backplate Cover[DONE]
Cold CathodesInstalling the cold cathodes[DONE]

Parts List

Part DescriptionPurchased FromPrice
1 EYE-2020 CaseWinotek$120.00 ea
2 cans Gray PrimerLocal Hardware Store$2.99 ea
4 cans Black Satin Spray-PaintLocal Hardware Store$2.99 ea
1 5' Length Green Light StripThinkGeek$46.52 ea
1 pk Assorted LEDs 20ctLocal Radio Shack$2.49 ea
1 TT-420SS 420w Power SupplyDirectron$57.99 ea
1 SPST Momentary Switch (Illuminated)Newark Electronics$42.99 ea
1 Large Window KitLocal CompUSA$19.99 ea
1 Black Lite-On 24x10x40x CDRWDirectron$34.99 ea
1 Black Lite-On 16x DVD-ROMDirectron$36.99 ea
1 Black Mitsumi 1.44 FloppyDirectron$14.00 ea
3 Black Vantec EZ-Swap Hard Drive RackDirectron$42.00 ea
1 Gigabyte 7VAXP MotherboardNewEgg$117.00 ea
1 5ft .5" Split LoomLocal Radio Shack$4.99 ea
1 Rounded UV Floppy Cable 18" Single DeviceDirectron$7.98 ea
1 Rounded UV ATA Cable 18" Double DeviceDirectron$6.99 ea
1 Rounded UV ATA Cable 24" Double DeviceDirectron$9.98 ea
1 12" Green Cold Cathod Kit PC Mods$14.99 ea
1 12" UV Cold Cathod Kit PC Mods$14.99 ea
1 AMD Athlon XP 2100+ w/HSFWinotek$105.00 ea
1 256mb PC2700/333 DDR GenericWinotek$82.00 ea
1 512mb PC2700/333 DDR MushkinNewEgg$175.00 ea

On Hand
3 Western Digital 20gb Drives--

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