Inspection and Planning

Before I start hacking and mutilating my new wonderbox, I need to see what I have and what I want to do. When I opened the box up I was pleasantly surprised to find a 120mm fan already mounted on the rear of the case above the power supply. Even better is when I opened the case up and found another 120mm fan mounted at the front bottom of the case. I was not aware that the bottom front of the case was a door with a fan/filter combo behind it, I had planned to put an air duct and fan there. I am also planning where to put Cold Cathode lighting and other effects.

Preparation and Breakdown

The first order of business is to strip the box to the bones. I remove everything that is screwed on, like front panel, fans, and powersupply. This way when I start cutting, I will not have a hiding place for those nasty metal flakes (not a good thing to have floating around inside of the powersupply!).

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