Backplate Cover

I had originally planned to just leave the stock backplate (ports cover) alone. Over a couple of days I got some opinions and it was concluded that the backplate should be black. Using the standard prime and paint routine, I had gotten a nice (albeit boring) satin black backplate. Thinking I was on the home stretch of a way-to-easy mod, reality set in. When putting the backplate back into place, all of the paint on the edges had scratch off, leaving the shiny metal gleaming in the light.

Not to be deterred, I set off to find a solution that would fit my needs. Sure, I could have just touched up the paint in place, and that would have worked, but I just was not happy. I removed the motherboard and backplate. A closer inspection of the painted backplate revealed that there was an inner cover plate riveted to the backplate. I removed the rivets and worked the cover plate out of the backplate.

I used a dremel to grind off the remains of the rivets off of the back of the cover plate. I proceeded to give the cover plate another coat of satin black for good measure. Using some Devcon contact cement, I put a thin layer over the back of the cover plate and a new shiny backplate cover.

Now that I have the cement on both parts, I just put the cover into place and let dry. After about an hour and the cement has set, I end up with the finished product.

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