Monolith - LED Mod

The first mod I am going to do is replace the stock red LED device indicators with green ones. This is just about the easiest mod to do. You will need some basic soldering skills to do this though. Most cases I have worked on have the LED's glued to the front-panel with a tail (wires) attached to be hooked up to the motherboard. This case is a little different, in that it has a small PCB with the LEDs soldered on to it. The tails are then also soldered to the PCB (PC Board). I remove the tails from the PCB and then removed the pcb from the front panel.

I simply de-solder the old LEDs off and replace with the new. One thing to keep in mind is that LEDs are polarity sensitive, meaning positive goes to positive and negative goes to negative. Get this mixed up and they will not work. I ended up replacing the tiny green LED (power indicator) with the same type for the devices. I also replaced the tiny yellow sleep LED with a brighter/bigger one.

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