Monolith - Power Button Mod

The power and reset buttons are located in the 5.25" floppy bay. I knew that I wanted lighted buttons in place of the black plastic buttons. I was able to spec out a .75" lighted momentary switch from Newark Electronics. The switch is made up of 4 parts, the switch, light bulb, a diffuser, and a colored lens. The biggest draw back to this switch is the price, including shipping, the switch was $42.00... ouch! The first step was to disassemble the original switch.

With the faceplate and switch removed, I pull out the handy dremel and start cutting away the button retaining plastic, to make a full .75" hole. Once the hole on the faceplate is complete, I just fit the switch in.

Now that the faceplate is done, I also needed to dremel the frame out to fit the switch. This was just as easy as the faceplate, just grinding the existing hole to a bigger size.

Now I test fit the switch in the faceplate with the frame in place. After the fitting is complete and everything fits nice and snug, I'll finish the frame with a couple coats of black satin paint.

Here are some pics of the completed floppy bay with the new power switch in place. I still have not located a lighted .25" momentary switch for the reset button.

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