Article ID 20001113A
Subject Quick and Dirty CD Recording
Concept Step by Step on burning a directory to CD
OS Linux

Required Parts

o A computer with a CD Recorder attached and a configured kernel.
o MKISOFS program. Fetch it at
o CDRECORD program. Should be with your distro, but you can fetch @

Creating an ISO

Become Root. Make sure that you have 700mb or more of free disk space. Create a directory and copy the files and directories that you want burned on CD. Make sure that this directory does not exceed 635mb, unless you are buring to an 80min CD. The other 15mb of 650 will be needed for closing the CD. Once the layout is they way you want, create the ISO image by entering the following command:

mkisofs -r -o /path/cdimage.iso /pathtoburn/

Testing the ISO

You can test the iso by mounting the cdimage.iso (or the filename you chose to call it) by issuing the following command:

mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop=/dev/loop0 cdimage.iso /mnt

You can then look and /mnt and determine if the result is what you want. How /mnt looks is exactly the way the CD will look when its burned. Dont forget to umount /mnt before you burn!

umount /mnt

Creating the CD

First line of business is to determine what that device address is for CDRECORD. Issue the following command to see the device tree:

cdrecord -scanbus

In the list you should see which device is the CD recorder, in the syntax of x,x,x. To burn a CD on device 0,2,0 at 6x recording speed using cdimage.iso,issue the command:

cdrecord -v speed=6 dev=0,2,0 -data cdimage.iso

And in due amount of time you will have a newly mastered CD. Keep in mind that this CD is DAO (disk at once) and closed. MAN cdrecord for more info and other options. Also check out and look at the CD-Recording HOW-TO, of which this article is based on.

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