Chrysler 300 Pedders Bump Steer Bushings

I have had my bump steer bushings from Pedders Suspension for a couple of months now. I wanted to install them immediately when I got them, but since the install would require an alignment, I decided to wait until all of the other suspension gear came in and install it all at once. Well, that time has finally come. The point of the bump steer bushings is to correct a minimal design flaw in the Chrysler/Dodge LX body that causes the steering wheel to pull when encountering bumps. The bushings are offset and raise the steering rack about 2mm reducing the amount of bump steer.

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up replacing my outer tie rods and quickly found out that my inner tie rods were also shot. I ordered a pair of inner tie rods and they ended up being too short. Since Chrysler treats the inner tie rods as non-serviceable, I ended up having to buy a remanufactured steering rack. In the end, this work out pretty good, since I will have the new rack off the vehicle to mount the bushings.

The first step is to unbox the steering rack and to remove the stock bushings. Since I didn't have a puller at the time, I pieced together a bushing puller from some washers, nuts, a 5x3/8in bolt, a 1.5in EMT coupler (cut in half), and a electrical box cover. In hind site, it would of been easier using the full coupler and a longer bolt, just fyi.

To use, simply put the bolt with a washer through the bushing and then put the coupler, plate, washers, and nut on the other side.

Using a ratchet and wrench, start to tighten the bolt and the bushing will start pulling out. At some point you will need to add a larger nut or a bunch of washers to the end so that you can still hold on to the bolt with a wrench.

Since I cut the EMT coupler in half, I could only get the bushing a little more than half-way. I cheated a little and ended up using a C-clamp to force the bushing the rest of the way out.

Here are the stock and new Pedders bushings side by side. Note the hole offset on the new bushings. Also the Pedders bushings are three piece, so they are substantially easier to install.

Now that the stock bushings are out, I cleaned up the holes and put a thin layer of grease on all parts.

Then just slide in the bushings followed by the crush tube. The directions state to make sure that the hole is at the lowest point. I ended up needing to use the C-clamp to get the crush tubes all the way in. Also make sure that the edges of the bushings have grease on them as well.

Here is the steering rack with the new bushings installed and excess grease cleaned up. Even though the part is not visible after install, I will still touch up the places where the paint scratched off. If the weather holds, I will be installing them this week.

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